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if you do want your posts to bridge to and/or from birdsite in the meanwhile, moa bridge is your friend

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honestly i'm probably going to sell this domain to one of y'all since i can't do anything with it

wow nobody posted for a whole month i should've stopped payments but i fucking didn't

i want this to work out, i really do


angst but also a pseudo-shitpost because i enjoy breaking my own heart and then trying to fix it with stupidity 

and just
sits on the ground
suddenly overwhelmed with the thought that he is making a huge mistake

and keith is just >:,(

like, still crying, still angry, only kind of understanding that shiro is suddenly in cold feet mode

shiro: keith get me the hell out of here
keith, no longer scowling: ok

they elope ig, emotional whiplash be damned

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angst but also a pseudo-shitpost because i enjoy breaking my own heart and then trying to fix it with stupidity 

literally before shiro's wedding:

shiro: keith, you're going to make someone very happy someday
keith: why can't it be you?
shiro: you know why [motions at the venue]
keith: no i mean outside of the fact you're minutes away marrying a piece of fucking cardboard!!

shiro honest to god cannot formulate a reason why he is marrying "a piece of fucking cardboard" and not keith instead

okay clearly i just also need to be active on birdsite for this to happen better i think

sorry for the wait y'all i was sleepin'

old macbook running kubuntu 20.04 with a waifu2x’d voltron background from the forbidden season by tim ridley

if that was a genuine request i rejected maybe don't try to look so much like spam????

i’ve been so distracted trying to set up my computer still i’ve sort of forgotten about this and (which i’m trying to maintain myself and need to update but every time i try it breaks lmao)

actually i’m not sure how long it’s been but it feels like it’s been two weeks

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i apologize for not being active, i've been endlessly setting up my "new" computer for like two weeks now

there was a signup that seems to have poofed into the astral plane for the next four seasons so i couldn't approve it!

2020 is basically the last year i'll have some notion of financial stability since my father's death, but because of COVID i can't really get a job just yet

it'd be really cool if the US beat it and i can go be a grocery clerk safely, but i'm probably gonna have to fall back on the cooler but more mentally debilitating career as a twitch streamer lmao

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