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okay that's not true my OTHER love is, of course, the occult as noted by my current username

voltron + baphomet

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i don't know why it took me this long to remember but it was literally in my prior birdsite username (voltronetta)

my one love before voltron single-handedly ruined my life was the bayonetta series

added a bunch more instances to our domain blocks

gotta keep it tidy, gotta keep it safe

mh. s8 salt 

like god damn i'm supposed to be depressed about things that actually happened to me not some cartoon

but alas, this is the play quite a few of us have been dealt

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mh. s8 salt 

can i go like one day without being deeply depressed that the friendship and potential romance between two close friends in a cartoon show i liked was utterly destroyed by bad writing

adoption rates might be rocky at first, but as many times as it takes, right?

(at least within this first year, the bf’s mad at me for how much i paid to renew this domain)

@fribbledom buddy are you SURE you wanna follow the admin of an instance centered around a gay voltron ship


sometimes i wish voltron wasn't that important to me but unfortunately i'm autistic

but i think now was probably the best time what with birdsite being even worse and noticing people taking breaks in droves

welcome, welcome

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i really should have done this last year and see where it went, that $35 for renewing the domain basically would have gone into the monthly hosting payments instead 🙃

good morning, sheithens

if you'd like to spread the word about this instance amongst servers, private chats and what have you, you may do so

you can also boost the tweet

LB is just reminding me that the light is so darn bright there that all the blacks are just browns, the hexidecimal values lean more red than green or blue

even shiro's lash/lid is has more red

and keith's eye? Even More Red, that's purple babey

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